Christy Marie (b. 1988), is a visual artist and photographer born in Tampa, Florida. She has immersed and developed herself in the medium of photography for over seven years. Marie’s work focuses on portraying people of color in a diverse light, while exploring the problematic narrative of mass media. Passionate about influencing change,

she_MG_9305 continuously uses her art as an outlet for activism creating necessary dialogue. Christy desires to visually contextualize the current culture in America and how the people are making strides to change the status quo. Christy has showcased in numerous art shows, exhibits, forums and has even shown work in the Dr. Carter G. Woodson Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.




Artist Statement.

I capture the invisible. My work brings light to communities that often feel they are in darkness. Many observe the beautiful things in life, in stark contrast, I observe what is often denied, overlooked and swept under the rug. I aim to show the humanity of the people in this world while bringing integrity and truth back into photojournalism. Most of my images are in grayscale to help keep the focus on subject matter, the people.